Janitor who won $7M in lottery says he won’t stop being a janitor

Vito Halasan won a whopping $7 million in the lottery, but has no plans to leave his job as a janitor.

He just might scale back his hours.

Vito Halasan won a whopping $7 million. Photo courtesy BCLC.

Halasan matched all six numbers on his Lotto 6/49 ticket to win the $7 million jackpot from the April 27 draw, only a few days after celebrating his 58th birthday.

“I remember scanning my ticket and seeing all these numbers,” says Halasan. “I have really blurry vision so I had to hold the ticket right up to my face. I couldn’t believe it.”

He can now upgrade to gold-encrusted glasses.

Halasan’s huge win means being able to pursue what’s at the top of his bucket list. With three kids and four grandchildren, his goal is to give his family the life they had dreamed of since moving to Canada from the Philippines in 2009.

“I buy lottery tickets so I can dream,” Halasan says. “I dream of being able to take care of my kids and make their future better. Now we’ll be able to buy a nice house for my children and grandchildren.”

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